4 things about crafting your friends will want to know

Hi. It’s been a while, so I thought I would ease myself back into this whole blogging shenanigan (what? It’s one thing. Therefore it is a singular shenanigan, not the plural. Grammar is important, yo.) with the questions you all get asked when someone finds out you enjoy making things- and my answers.

Did it take long?

This, my friends, is up there with ‘did it hurt’ as a question asked of those of us who have tattoos. Crafting may not involve inserting needles into your skin repeatedly- or at least, it doesn’t include that deliberately (we’ve all made our blood sacrifices on gnarly projects, and if you haven’t…give it time). Sometimes it did, sometimes it didn’t, but the thing I love about this question is people are always impressed by the answer. If it didn’t take long then wow, it looks so complicated. If it DID take ages then wow, such dedication.

Can you make me a…

Lets face it, that question is usually finished with something that will take a lot longer than the person asking expects. Yes, I can. Whether I *will* is another matter.

Why would you make that?

Now, there are two versions of this question. The first version is the one that continues ‘you can just buy…’ in which case the response is yes, I could. But *this* project that I am making is better than store bought because it will (theoretically) fit better, and be more in keeping with your individual style.

The OTHER version of that is ‘WHY WOULD YOU MAKE THAT?’, usually accompanied by you having just finished something like this:

Image shows knitted hats that look like animals looking at you from the back. WTF people.

Image source: http://photobigbang.tumblr.com/post/30237311410/via-dollypython-littttoral

The best response to this question, in my honest opinion, is to chase whoever asked it around whatever room or building you happen to be in while wielding it. Comedy gold.

But honestly, if you’ve made something weird then I’m not going to judge. I’ve made two Mopsy Birds now (more on that in a future post). You do you.

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