Awesome Christmas Gift Guide, part 4: Clutter-free Christmas gifts

Black and white vintage Christmas photo

Christmas Eve 1928 by Don O’Brien, via Flickr

We all know a few people like this. Maybe it’s your parents, who already have everything. Maybe it’s a friend who’s moving soon and you don’t want to weigh them down with more stuff they’ll have to shift. Maybe it’s that aggressive minimalist who you love but who is always on at you to have less stuff.

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

First up, there’s always a voucher for an experience. Sites like GrabOne and TreatMe in New Zealand, or Groupon in America are full of restaurant deals, or admission to fun places to visit. And they’re usually at a significant discount, so you can give someone a much fancier treat but still stay within budget.

Or just organise the experience yourself! What about taking your Mum out for high tea, or going to a spa together?

Speaking from my long-distance relationship experience, one of the most thoughtful gifts I received for my birthday this year was money for a flight to Auckland to see my Best Beloved. Simple, clutter-free, but so deeply appreciated. If money seems a bit tacky to you (it doesn’t to me), then you can always get a flight voucher. Or actually just buy the flight/train ticket.

Then there are the gifts that are designed to be used up. Lush is, of course, wonderful at low-packaging gifts which (if your giftee is anything like me) will be all used up before the ball drops on New Years.

But what about something a bit more punk rock?

Well lets see…

How about a donation to your recipient’s favourite charity? Or backing a really cool Kickstarter you know your giftee would support like, for example, Kim Boekbinder’s Infinite Minute where you can get a song written just for them (or a Pledgeme campaign– yep, I went there. More about that tomorrow!). There are plenty of funding campaigns where the rewards aren’t physical. PDFs, digital music, access to cool stuff on the net. And you’re giving something unusual- the kind of thing your giftee doesn’t know they want until they see it.

You could support one of their favourite artists on a site like Loudr or Bandcamp.

Or what about the gift of learning something you know they want to learn? For budding crafters, Craftsy has a huge selection of classes, as does BurdaStyle. Finally, Be More With Less (full disclosure- this is an affiliate link, but for an awesome site) has courses in starting a blog, creating a capsule wardrobe and dressing with less (if you have a friend who’s trying to declutter their wardrobe, this could be perfect!), and creating a meaningful morning routine (which could be great for someone determined to get fit, or just take better care of themselves).

You know the other great thing about clutter-free Christmas gifts? MUCH LESS WRAPPING. Which gives you more time to work on the Christmas craft projects and get them finished. Or watch ‘Die Hard’ and listen to ‘Snoopy’s Christmas’, and avoid the insanity that is anywhere with shops around this time of year. Or start prepping your Christmas meal (there’s a running joke in the UK that we put our Brussels Sprouts in to boil around now, so they’re done just in time for Christmas).

Have you found any fantastic online classes you think would make a lovely Christmas gift? Are you trying for a clutter-free Christmas? Let me know in the comments!

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