Gratituesday: lets all be acerbic and make wookie noises.

The weekend just gone was Kapcon, an annual roleplaying convention down in Wellington. I was one of the helper-monkeys, and it was utterly exhausting but ran smoothly (which is always good), and I got to play in some fun games. I was also Princess Leia, Chewbacca, Owen Lars, Red Leader and Admiral Motti in a reading of ‘William Shakespeare’s Star Wars: Verily, a New Hope’.

Apparently I was especially good at getting the acid tone into Leia’s insults. Even in iambic pentameter. I forget, until I get a chance to do it, how much I enjoy scripted acting, especially Shakespeare. And when I told the Best Beloved I was playing Chewie he laughed his ass off.

I was also a boy scout child of hippies (“I want three of your Mum’s cookies!” “Do you remember what happened when you had *two* of them? DO YOU REMEMBER WHEN WE FED ONE TO THE DOG?”), and a map-reading, accidentally-kill-stealing Greek hero. Those were both great too. And the Police Commissioner in a superhero LARP- for which I won ‘the Nolanverse award for grittiness under pressure’. That’s what happens when you start smack-talking superheroes.

I was very grateful to get back to snuggles from the Best Beloved, and also that I took the day off on Monday to recover. Such sleep. Much naps. Very lazy. Wow.

The 15 in 2015 is coming along very nicely, which I’m definitely grateful for. I got a lot of embroidery for one of the quilt projects done over Kapcon (the advantage of tabletop), and I’ve been spending many pleasant evenings stitching and watching Project Runway. I’m pleased with how things are turning out (with my crafting, not always with Project Runway. We’re on Season 8 at home, which I haven’t seen, but I suspect I’ll come away agreeing that Mondo was robbed…)- which is good as one of the projects is for a very particular friend of mine who once re-wrapped all their Christmas presents so they’d match. You can’t make this stuff up. That’s going to be a challenge for my usual punk-rock, laissez-faire-les-f***-ups attitude to crafting.

The little things

Fun things in the mail, being decisive and actually using one of my precious Molly Crabapple stickers (my Kindle is now 100% more badass), sunshine, Jenny Hart’s Embroidered Effects, the library, plums being in season, experimental rosemary scones, sausage rolls, Burger Fuel’s Firestone Fish burger (it’s what the Filet o’ Fish dreams of being), Stephanie Dosen and Hans Zimmer music, my little red carry-on suitcase.

How about you? What are you grateful for this week?

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