I do not need more blanket projects

I’m already working on one blanket. Which I can’t tell you anything about in case the person it’s for reads this.

Now, I already have yarn assembled for the Babette blanket.

And I’m about 80 hexipuffs away from having enough to make a Beekeepers Quilt the size I want.

So another blanket project would be crazy.

It would be utterly insane to, I don’t know, also have bought enough yarn to make a Lizard Ridge. (It was 40% off in Spotlight. I can’t help it if 12 balls of Moda Vera Bouvardia just jumped into my shopping basket and asked me to take them home…)

I’m certainly not thinking of making any others.

I didn’t at all buy another blanket pattern today either.

I don’t have a problem.

I can stop any time I want to.

When I am an evil queen of the world, my fortress will obviously be made of blankets.

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