Links of Joy

It feels like it’s been a while since I gave y’all a random selection of links to peruse. So here goes.

I only recently discovered ‘The Thrilling Adventure Hour‘. This is a good thing, because it means I have *so many* episodes to listen to and enjoy. You have to love a show that includes Timothy Omundson (King Richard from ‘Galavant’) as a guest star.

I stumbled across Oh Bite It via Buzzfeed (c’mon, it’s usually that or Pinterest, people). There isn’t a single recipe on there that doesn’t make me feel like my arteries are hardening just looking at it. I quite like that about it. Behold! Deep fried margaritas. Yes really.

And then there’s Bad Jelly. Oh Bad Jelly. It makes me cry with laughter. They don’t seem to have updated in a while but it’s still worth a read. Please enjoy the Party Elephant (filed under ‘things I’m totally making for my housewarming) and the piece de resistance, the Banana Candle (no, I’m not making one of those. Ever.)

In conclusion, Big Bird Dressing Gown.

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