Links of Joy: Mad Max- Fury Road

Just because I loved loved LOVED Mad Max: Fury Road, here are some excellent articles that I hope will persuade you to go see it.

7 ways Mad Max sublimely subverts movie sexism

Furious about Furiosa  at We Hunted the Mammoth (another article about how MRAs are losing it over the film)

And again- ‘Misogynists are boycotting feminist ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ which is one more reason to see it

The Daily Beast agrees- ‘How Men’s Rights Activists killed the world

George Miller, the director, talks to Vanity Fair about how he can’t help but be a feminist.

The Mary Sue thinks it could be his answer to his own franchise.

Also, the things you think are CGI? Totally not CGI.

This is how they made the flamethrower guitar.

How is anyone who was in this film not dead? It’s a good question, when you watch this.


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