Monsterful Monday- monkey cuddlepile

And other highlights of the Hamilton Zoo, where my Best Beloved and another friend went after the Medusa LARP convention on the weekend.

It was so nice to go to a small-but-perfectly-formed convention, play in two very good games (in one of which, as the Lovecraft scholar I got the ultimate fangirl ending- hooking up with HP Lovecraft himself and in the other of which, I forgave the man who murdered me and ended up a military tactician in the Army of Heaven- not bad for a waitress) and have a blast GMing a third, plus go exploring with three friends.

I’ve never been to Hamilton before, so it was fun to get out and about somewhere new, even if we couldn’t find any cafes open (just the comic book store- yay Christmas gifts!- and all the adult shops, weirdness). Also, much hilarity ensued when we were typical big city dwellers- “WHERE IS THE COFFEE?” and my friend’s GPS seemed to want to send us back to Auckland. I couldn’t help wondering at how quickly I’ve adapted.

The Art of Asking

Turns out, if you’re having trouble working out what to get someone for Christmas, just asking them what they’d like works really well. Thus my brother gets a new coffee maker, and I get to buy him something I know he really wants. Our relationship has been distant for a long time but we’re finally getting to know each other and I’m very very thankful for that.

Oh and Amanda Palmer’s book of the same name which I’m still reading is very good and you should totally go buy it.

The Adorables

Is apparently mine and the Best Beloved’s new nickname. I love it. It’s like the Incredibles, but involves more cuddles. The BB took very good care of me this weekend. Conventions always exhaust me, and having someone to look after me was really good.


Time to visit Santa, start in on the advent calendar (no, I don’t have a chocolate one…I just get my own chocolate), and get excited about the Christmas break, which I’m so ready for. Yes, I said visit Santa. I never did it as a kid, because I was scared of Santa, but now with the weirdness of Christmas in summer, I love going and saying what I want for Christmas, and getting a photo. It makes me feel very festive. And yes, there will be photos.

The little things

Black pudding, snuggly naps, being productive, finishing projects, resisting the Black Friday sales (so proud of myself), mango chicken, the Bloggess, planning trips, crafting, exciting parcels, insane Christmas ornaments, and words of affirmation.

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