Monsterful Monday

Just keep crafting

My first week of working on 15 in 2015 is done. I’ve been chipping away at a couple of the projects on the list, and gathering materials for another. So the first t-shirt quilt is edging slowly closer to being done, and I’ve made about 20 more hexipuffs.

I’ve been devoting about 20 minutes each morning before I go to work to crafting. It means getting up a bit earlier but doing something for myself that I enjoy makes a big difference to how I feel about the day. And it sure beats waking up and immediately checking e-mail.

Fun with photos

One of my Christmas gifts was a new digital camera which I’m slowly getting the hang of using. My poor old phone just about managed to limp through to the New Year, and then I had to replace it, so my Christmas gift to myself was a new phone for which I immediately got myself a couple of playing-with-photos apps which I’ve been messing about with a lot and thoroughly enjoying.

OK, I have the feeling I already talked about that. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…

But! You can see one of the results of my playing with photos at the top of the page- check out the shiny new header- now with at least 75% more punk rock!

Anyway I’m hoping to make good use of the new camera to take lots of lovely pictures of things for this blog. And for myself.

Cold water on a hot day

The Best Beloved and I went to a pool party at the weekend. It’s only the third one I’ve ever attended, and the first since I was a teenager. It was also the first one where I actually had fun. I ate scones and talked about tattoos. Then I hung out in a beautiful cold pool on a hot day (SO good) and talked about knitting. A great way to spend an afternoon and evening.

Getting into gear for 2015

I know I’m a bit late to the party but I’m working on wishes and visions for 2015. The craft challenges are a big part of it, but there are plenty of other things I’d like to achieve and do. To do this I’m using, among other tools, Leonie Dawson’s Create Your Shining Year– and so far so good. We’ll see how things materialise, but I’m grateful for having access to things like this to learn and develop.

The little things

Snuggles with the Best Beloved, naps, nice yarn, Veronica Varlow, quiet time, fun stationery, the library, trips out and about, meditation, stretching the muscles, sunshine, green spaces, barbecue, kisses.

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