Monsterful Monday: 36 for 36

It’s been forever, I know! I’m sorry for being so lax. To make up for it, and because today is my birthday (and thinking about everything you’re grateful for on your birthday is a good thing), I present to you 36 things I’m grateful for, because I turned 36 today.

36: Hot tea: I almost never go a day without a cup of tea (maybe because I’m English) and as long as there’s no sugar in it (blergh), I never don’t feel grateful for it.

35: My hairdresser- because they get excited about my hair, and give me tea (see above) as well as an awesome head massage, and a cupcake.

34: Gchat- without which I wouldn’t be able to keep in touch with friends in other parts of the world/country so easily.

33: Nice flatmates- past, present and future.

32: Red lipstick- especially the ones that are designed not to go anywhere. Instantly makes me look more put together, and more retro.

31: Etsy- so many beautiful things. So dangerous for my bank account. So good for supporting artists and crafters.

30: My Kindle- because thanks to downloading all the things, as long as I keep it charged I am never in the situation of having more travel time than book.

29: Knitting- calming and oh-so-satisfying to make something stitch by stitch.

28: Sewing- because I love being able to make my own clothes (and things for other people).

27: Quilting- because quilting fabrics OMG. And the hand-quilting bit is also therapeutic.

26: Crochet- so many pretty blankets and toys to make.

25: Project Runway- not sorry.

24: Moving to Auckland- it was the right time, and I’m happy here.

23: Snuggles- because they are the best.

22: Costume jewellery- the only stuff I really wear. I’m enjoying growing my collection and planning outfits around it.

21: Irregular Choice shoes. Because who doesn’t want shoes with unicorns for heels? I ask you.

20: Pinterest- so many craft ideas. So little time.

19: The library- see 20.

18: Chip shop chips with good mayonnaise- food of the Gods.

17: Geoffery Wildington Peabody III

16: The Bloggess- who makes me laugh.

15: Bad Jelly– a recent discovery. When I got to the banana candle, I nearly died.

14: Re-connecting with my younger brother. We weren’t close growing up, but we’re starting to get closer and I’m so profoundly grateful for that.

13: My tattoos: Grateful for how gorgeous they look, even unfinished. And grateful for the wonderful artists who are creating them.

12: Anna, who I talk to all the time and who enables my ideas and is a great cheerleader.

11: Prema and Walter: such kind and big-hearted, and fun people.

10: Offbeat Bride/Offbeat Home & Life- Time to come clean, I totally read Offbeat Bride all the time because I love reading about all the crazy, beautiful weddings. This one is a favourite. And their sister site Offbeat Home & Life is full of inspiration and wonderful ideas.

9: Buses and trains (and lifts from the Best Beloved)- being as I don’t drive yet, I’m always grateful for being able to go places.

8: Cheryl, who was my proxy on Saturday…and this happened:

imagejpeg_2Which brings me to 7: My lovely new house!

6: Trade Me: Source of good second-hand furniture extraordinaire.

5: Having a job: Always grateful for this, knowing what it’s like to be unemployed, but especially now.

4: Decluttering- makes things SO much easier.

3: My parents- without whom numbers 8 and 7 would not have happened.

2: My Best Beloved- always, without reservation. He’s the best.

1: Being alive and kicking and able to make lists like this!



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