Monsterful Monday: It’s business time

B School

I’ve been a bit all-business the past couple of weeks, and it’s all because of Marie Forleo. I’ve taken the plunge and am currently about to hit module 3 of her B School programme.

There’s a mantra in the school- ‘B School doesn’t work unless you do’. Some of it’s a bit overwhelming, and of course it’s prodding at my self-doubt buttons, but I’ve connected with some great, supportive women and I’m learning so much. I’m already working on the first products for the new business, and I’ve gotten some great advice from some very inspiring women. So it’s a challenge, but there’s so much to be grateful for.


Partly because of B School, and partly because of 15 in 2015, I’ve been getting my sew on. Not as much as I could have- naps. Naps are good. But I’m making progress and that always makes me feel happy. I’m looking forward to the Easter weekend again this year. Last year it was because my Best Beloved was coming down for a visit. This year it’s because of the extra time together and of course time to sew.

Of course, I’d need to decide what to make, but still. Sewing time!

The little things

This flamingo purse, the Best Beloved, snuggles, terrible movies, introverting, connecting with lovely people, salt and vinegar almonds, tea, fellow B-schoolers in Auckland.

How about you?

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