Monsterful Monday: paying attention


I thought today, in lieu of the usual post, I would share a story with you.

Earlier this week, I was on my usual walk home, quite tired from work and wishing for the weekend (lots of time with friends, some Best Beloved snuggles, and a fantastic LARP in the local park, since you ask), when I happened upon this garden:



I stood for a few moments utterly dumbfounded. I walk along this street most days, usually twice. I couldn’t work out how I had never noticed it before when it was so lovely- so many colours! Someone in that house clearly worked very hard to grow their garden.

I looked across the road to see what was on the other side, which must have been distracting me and it dawned on me. On the other side of the road was the Dog House.

You see, on this street, at that particular point in the road, is a house where, on my first trip along it, a barking, growling dog came rocketing out of the house and pursued me, while its owner called it off and I tried to stay still. Whenever it sees me, it barks and growls. It does this to everyone.

I realised I’d started looking with apprehension at that gate to see if the dog was there waiting to bark at me and make me jump out of my skin.

All those weeks, and spring had sprung and I had completely ignored the gorgeous flowers across the street, because I was too busy looking at the gate where there might or might not be a dog.

That’s why I do these posts, each week, every week. To try and notice the beauty in my life instead of the fear and the barking trying to attract my attention.

There is a lot wrong with the world. Some of it we can help with. Some of it we can protest about (as I did at the weekend by attending the Bust Rape Culture protest at the High Court). A lot we can’t. But we can at least try and focus more on hopeful things and good things. Because that makes the world just a little bit better.

The little things:

Kisses, comforting touches, the expressions on peoples’ faces when I named a big boss monster Fluffy, the reactions when I was offered glitter, balloons, tea, sleep, talking to Anna, champagne saucers, this planter, learning a really useful method at the NZ Bloggers Network meetup, music, writing, crafting, old Jim Henson goodness, tasty food, catching up with lovely people, terrible ‘erotic’ Britney Spears dancing.

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