Mopsy Bird: A Tale of Two Chickens

So it’s been a while, but if you’ve read my blog you are likely familiar with Mopsy Bird. I had been looking for an excuse to knit this particular pattern for ages, and I’m glad to say, I finally got one earlier this year.

When my Best Beloved and I started planning our wedding, we talked about whether to include a bouquet toss. Not only did it not really feel right (the traditional idea of women clawing after being ‘next’? No thank you), my bouquet had a lot of pipe-cleaners in it and quite frankly would have been a liability if it went flying through the air towards peoples’ faces. I didn’t want to spend my wedding accompanying someone to the emergency room (or at least feeling guilty for NOT accompanying someone to the emergency room).

At the same time, some friends of ours had had a running joke about playing ‘wedding chicken’ with each other. One was given a white dress, the other one would point out rings. In fact, when I was told about their engagement it was with a message saying ‘R just won wedding chicken.’

I’m not quite sure how, but out of these two circumstances an idea was born.

The wedding chicken.

Anyone could go for it, and whoever caught it would win the right to play wedding chicken with their partner (or future partner).

At first I thought I would find a rubber chicken, but then the solution became obvious.

The result was this. Behold! Mopsy Bird the Wedding Chicken.


Image by Veronica McLaughlin Photography, all rights reserved.


Mopsy Bird was very popular at our wedding. And when our wedding-chicken-playing friends got married, I made one for them too. Behold Mopsy II: Electric Boogaloo, with the bride- my beautiful friend Nik.


My goodness, but Mopsy Bird II got around. In a bunch of photos, including with a lot of people who didn’t in fact catch her. I’m so proud. If you’re looking for an alternative to a bouquet for throwing, I highly recommend Mopsy Bird. She is quick to make (chunky yarn people!) and very aerodynamic.

Also, explaining why you have a ‘wedding chicken’ is a LOT of fun.

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