Monsterful Monday: There’s no place like home

I’m back from a lovely weekend away getting inked and seeing people. It was lovely going through wedding magazines with one of my BFFs, eating very large cooked breakfasts (and having the excuse of “I’m about to get a tattoo”, at least on one day), catching up with folks and enjoying their reactions to my flamingo hair. But it was also lovely coming home to Auckland, being met by the Best Beloved and going off to have fish and chips by the seaside.

Chupa Chups

Turn out to be a magical pain-reducing elixir! No really. I was given one part-way through my tattoo session, which did make me feel rather like I was a well-behaved child at the doctor’s BUT OMG people, when you have something like that to distract you it does make a difference to the pain. I’m starting to understand why people take their iPods along when they get inked. But that seems a bit cut-off-from-things to me, after all you book in with an artist because you like them, and surely it’s a chance for a chat? I was grateful for the lolly, grateful that it was a cola flavoured one (my favourite), and grateful for the effect it had.

Hash browns

Do I even need to explain this one? Hash. Browns. She who is tired of fried shredded potato is tired of LIFE.

Time to myself

In the midst of the catching up with folks and being sociable, I really value getting time alone to recharge my batteries. This weekend I got it by going to watch ‘The Maze Runner’ after my tattoo session- distracting yourself with a movie is a great way to make sure you don’t worry at the wrapping until enough time has passed. Pretty good movie, and I always have time for Thomas Brodie Sangster- I’d like to read the book to see how it compares. Though as a feminist I was frustrated about it being all boys except for the one girl- why couldn’t the author make it a community of boys and girls? Would that have changed it so much?

Crafting inspiration

I am, of course, trying to avoid catching startitis (you don’t get immune to it once you’ve had it, let me tell you), but there’s a craft get-together coming up that I’m excited about, and new projects are always fun. Mainly because you haven’t reached the ‘dear God will this never END’ part of them.


Because tomorrow I share the Oracle Deck tutorial with you, and I’m so thrilled to be doing so.

The Little Things

Sinamay hat bases (and ideas about them), sleeping in your own bed, Hustle Butter, delicious smelling and tasting lip balm, being finally able to nap in an upright airline seat, great books (‘Station Eleven’ by Emily St John Mandel and ‘Lets Pretend This Never Happened’ by Jenny Lawson), loose-fitting clothing (because of the tattoo), new juicer (now I can at least attempt to make tasty green juice), dry socks, awesome art, Instagram, new embroidery floss and Aida cloth, getting excited for Christmas.

What about you? What’s floating your boat this week?

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