New to these parts?

Well hello there, you look nice today!

I’m Ellen, punk rock crafter, geek girl, electric flamingo, feminist, LARPer, lover, dreamer and of course blogger.

If you’re new here, below are some things here I think you might enjoy (I’m rather proud of them) that will show you what I’m all about here at A Small Aubergine.

For a start, this explains why this blog is called A Small Aubergine.

A lot of what I’m about is to do with crafting: how to get better at it, why you should give it a go, and of course inspiring you with awesome projects- both mine and from the wilds of the internet.

I also write a lot about self-esteem, because I think being bold and saying “fuck it, I’m doing this” is how you get really badass at crafting- and life. That and practice.

Gratitude is very important to me. It’s magic-making, happiness inducing and good manners! Every Monday I put some of it out into the world with Monsterful Mondays.

From time to time you’ll see me talk about mental health, specifically depression which is something I have experienced myself and something, again, that crafting can help with. I’m open about this here because I believe that stigmatising mental illness and making people ashamed to talk about what they’re going through causes a great deal of unnecessary suffering, and stops people getting themselves well.

I also get riled up about cultures of fear, and feminism, and then I write about them.

There’s other goodies here too, I hope you’ll have fun exploring and that you’ll stop by often. It’s so good to see you here, welcome in.