2014: a gratitude roundup

I think I must be getting older, because the years seem to disappear so fast now. I feel like it was only a nap ago I was in Sydney for last New Year’s Eve. 2014 has rocketed by, but it’s been a good year with lots to be thankful. This is one of the best times to reflect back on what’s happened and look forward to the future. I’ve got big plans for 2015, which I’ll talk more about tomorrow. But for now, here are some of the things I’ve been most grateful for in the year that’s about to be gone.



The Best Beloved

I thought I’d get the really sappy one in first. You can scroll past it if you want. I am so grateful every day to have met him. I’d still be honoured to know him even if we’d remained as just friends, but having him as my boyfriend is truly a blessing. He’s my hero, the best and kindest man it has ever been my good fortune to love. I don’t plan on letting him go.



Hikes out and about in Auckland, parades, a wonderful wedding, parties, craft, LARPs. This has been a good year for getting up to shenanigans, exploring new places, and trying new things. I hope for much much more in this line in the coming year, but I’m so thankful for all the fun and happy memories this year has brought me.


My crazy, wonderful friends

Who I hope won’t mind being in the little photo montage above! And yes, OK, Geoffery Peabody Wildington III isn’t a friend. She’s family… I’m thankful for the friends who I’ve gotten to know better this year, like my lovely flatmates. For the new friends I’ve met. For the old friends who I’ve had all kinds of fun with, who know just as I do how easy it is to accidentally books. Or Typo. Or patterns. I just couldn’t imagine life without the splendid people I have in it, and who I’m incredibly thankful for every day (it’s not everyone who could put up with someone like me).


Big changes

If you’d told me back in January that by the end of the year I’d have multiple tattoos, bright red-pink hair, and be actually enjoying doing exercise and wearing red lipstick regularly, I wouldn’t have believed you. It’s been a big year for me in how I see myself, and how I show myself to the world. I feel like I’m being a LOT more truthful and authentic to who I am and who I want to be, and to have come as far as I have is something I never would have expected. I’m so thankful to be in the place that I am now, and to be looking forward to growing into myself even more.

How about you? What have been the highlights of 2014 for you? Let me know in the comments!