Make your own Blogging Oracle Deck


Or any other kind of oracle deck you’d like, really. If you want to create a deck that really speaks to you, that you really connect with, what better way than making your own?

That’s the thought that led me to creating my own deck, and this tutorial. Now, a disclaimer- this tutorial is so you can create a deck for your own personal use. If you were intending to make something to sell, please please PLEASE make sure you have permission to reproduce any images you use that you didn’t create yourself. Don’t be that guy.

You will need:

Index cards- you can get them at most stationery stores)- the kind you’d use to revise for exams are perfect.

Coloured pens, watercolour paints, pencils, glue, glitter, or anything along these art-supply type lines that you fancy. If you’re taking (or have taken) Gala Darling’s Radical Self Love Bible School, or if you love scrapbooking and paper crafts, you likely have a bunch. But don’t let me stop you grabbing some more, in whatever colours and styles you love.

(Hint- you could use this tutorial to make your own Radical Self Love Oracle Deck! Imagine taking some of Gala’s Radical Self Love prompts and turning them into oracle cards to guide and inspire you…Hmm… I feel another project coming on. )

Words! For my blogging oracle deck, I wrote down a long list of words that are inspiring to me, as well as topics I like to write about, and a few blogcademy-specific words (since it was my scholarship application). I ended up with a list of 50 words, which probably sounds like a lot but remember, a normal tarot deck has 78. You’re making a deck of cards here. Coming up with the words was easier than you’d think- once you get a few, you should find the ideas start firing and you can’t get them down fast enough. But if not, why not ask friends for inspiration, or look at, say, fun words on Pinterest, to give you some fresh input?

Or, you could just use my list. It’s available on the Freebies page for you to download as a PDF. Don’t say I never give you anything!

Photographs. This is where things get even more fun. Once you’ve got your list of words, it’s time to go through photos and find ones that express each of the words. When I worked on this I mainly used photos of me, or ones I had taken, as these were the ones I felt most connected to. It’s a great excuse to get some of your favourite snapshots off the computer and onto paper, even if you just print them out on paper (as I did). You could also use an image search, or Flickr, there are all kinds of possibilities.

The most important rule here is that you choose images that speak to you, that make your heart bounce.

Assemble your photos and print them out, reasonable small so they’ll fit on the cards.

Once you have your photos, words, and materials, it’s time to play!

Making the cards:

SO super simple.

Take one of your index cards.

Pick a word from your list, and find the picture you have to match it.

Cut out the picture and glue it to the card.

Write the word on the card somewhere, however you like. You could illuminate it, write it in a comic-book speech bubble, or in large friendly letters covered in glitter, however you want!

Now you have the picture and the word on the card, and yes, you could just leave it like that…OR you could go to town decorating the card. I gave each of my cards a sparkly frame, coloured around some of the pictures with watercolour pencil, decorated others with drawings- this is where you can let your creativity run riot.

Yes, if you make as many as me this could take a while, but it’s a fun, simple process and a good exercise of your imaginative and artistic muscles.

And when you’re done, you have a beautiful, very personal deck of cards to inspire your blog posts. Pull one- or more- at random and see what comes up, then use the words to guide your next blog post. Or just to guide you if you’re making a different kind of deck.

And don’t forget to let me know how you get on…photos, or it didn’t happen. Just saying.