Mid-week joy: Pocket Potholders

I was pottering around the internet today looking for some inspiration for today’s post, when I stumbled across the Antique Pattern Library. Anyone who knows me will know I love vintage/retro stuff, so of course I had to investigate. Looking through the (free to download!) scans of patterns, I discovered ‘Pocket Potholders’, a gem from the 1950s.

Pocket Potholders


Let’s take a look, shall we?

The book actually starts off strong, in my opinion:


But then my opinion is horribly horribly biased, because I love strawberries. Thus strawberry-related clothing, crafts or accessories is pretty much a no-brainer. pansy

The pansy looks simple, classic- a little bit froufrou, sure, but it would be fun and colourful when made up.

But then things get, well, weird in the way that only vintage pattern books can get weird.

Western Boot




And weirder. There’s Freddy Frog. Maybe it’s just me, but it kind of looks like Freddy Frog got run over.


Pocket Potholders then gives us what is, in my opinion, the piece de resistance of peculiar. Behold, the Gingerbread Man!



Who would look adorable if he was smiling. But what it actually looks like is the Gingerbread Man was, well, surprised from behind.

What? My mind went there. Don’t judge me.


gingey 2 gingey 3


Stop that.