Monsterful Monday: Small parties and big ideas

Fun nights in-and-out

Small groups are always easier for me. I get peopled-out quite quickly. This weekend was a case in point. I went to two social things. One was a party full of considerably younger people, where I was worn out by about half ten. The next night, a smaller gathering for some casual not-too-competitive (and in fact in the case of the main game, entirely collaborative) board/card games with the Best Beloved and a small group of very good friends and I didn’t even notice we were up way past midnight.

The Best Beloved and I also, as a result of the game night, acquired a new couples nickname. Did you know you can’t change your Facebook name for 60 days if you change it? Guess how I know. But I don’t mind.

I’m so grateful for energising social nights with good friends, tasty food, and lots of laughter. And I’m equally grateful for the quiet times with the BB, whether we’re snuggling, or sat across from each other working on craft projects.


I just finished ‘Beyond the Pale Motel’ by Francesca Lia Block- an adult novel by one of my favourite YA novelists. I thought, when it became clear what the denouement would be, that I was going to hate it. But somehow- and I have no idea how she did it- the ending managed to actually be totally self-esteem and uplifting. I can’t explain it without spoilers, so I’ll just tell you you need to get yourself a copy and it’s a quick read.

I’ve also just started in on ‘The Art of Asking‘ by Amanda Palmer and it’s pretty much the perfect book for me to be writing right now- more on that in the next few days. All I’ll say is…I have an exciting project in the offing which is ALL about asking.

On which note- this TED talk by her is wonderful.

Tappity tap tap tap

I’ve been revisiting the Dare/Dream/Do course starting at the beginning, and this weekend got to the lesson about Emotional Freedom Technique or tapping. I used it on my dreadful habit of procrastinating this morning and have had a super-productive day! This is definitely something I’ll be exploring further, it’s so helpful.

The Little Things

Ingrid Michaelson (only discovered her music this week and it’s gorgeous), Joni Mitchell (if you listen to her old stuff and her new stuff next to each other you can *hear* how much younger her voice sounded in the 70s), Kim Boekbinder who has THE coolest Kickstarter on at the moment, a warm bed, decluttering, Offbeat Bride, Project Runway- #sorrynotsorry, I love that show- especially the every-season “This is not avant-garde!” “I think it’s TOTALLY avant-garde” argument, recommendations, cookies coming right to my desk, d&ms with the Best Beloved, watching people jump off the Sky Tower on a zipline.

How about you?