Links of Joy- Sewmageddon

This week is a sewing inspiration kind of a week. When I’m stressed, even thinking about crafting helps me chill out. The excitement and ideas take over for a bit and release some of the pressure.

Usually, I’m quite careful about exactly what I buy. I’m terrible for leaving things in online shopping carts for-freaking-ever before I buy them.

To anyone who’s seen the number of parcels that generally arrive for me in a given week I can only say…no really. I’m actually restrained.

But then I signed up for the sneak peek of Colette’s new pattern Dahlia, and when I saw it it was an insta-buy. The sleeved version is a perfect dress for looking elegant and covering my big new tattoo at work, it looks straightforward to make, and best of all it’s currently on sale at 15% off.

I got the PDF download but there’s also a lovely paper pattern available. If vintage-y dresses are your thing you should also look at Colette’s sale page, which right now has some of the paper patterns for their other dresses on sale at a substantial discount. How can you say no to gorgeousness like this?

Then I discovered the Make This Look section of Sew Weekly. Ermagerd- it takes dresses from online stores and finds patterns to allow you to make something similar. I’ve been eyeing up the Soda Fountain Dress from Modcloth since I discovered the site (before I had to unsubscribe from their e-mails because they were making me want ALL THE THINGS), so I was especially excited to see that I could make something very like it– but to fit me properly around the bust! In really beautiful fabric (no, probably not that mustard yellow, it would look good on some people but not me). Or if you add a contrasting sash, you have the Hepcat dress. LOVE.

Of course, both the above patterns involve sleeves, so this tutorial from Cowbutt Crunchies Cosplay on how to sew sleeves without wanting to murder people would probably come in handy.

I’ll leave you with a couple of fun things:

For those of you going all Halloween up in here, how about five different ways to make a Morticia skirt, because who doesn’t want to do an Addams Family costume at least once?

Or you could go as Zombie Bridesmaid Pippa Middleton, because why not? Hey, it would scare me.

What projects are you working on at the moment? Have you found any patterns you’re longing to sew? Let me know in the comments!