Craft projects for freaks and geeks, part 4: Zap! Pow! Comic book fans

Lets face it, there’s something about comic books. Or graphic novels (not always the same thing). We all love a good hero. Some of us love a bad hero. Some of us just like watching Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston shirtless. What? Just saying. Hell, Kim Boekbinder even wrote a song about it as part of the Infinite Minute. Whether you have walls of pristine first editions still in the plastic sleeves, or just happen to love a good Marvel movie, there are plenty of crafts out there to celebrate your love of all things graphic and speech-bubbly.

Let’s start with something simple. If you have comic books you’re willing to chop up, and some Mod Podge, you can make everything from comic book coasters to comic book shoes. The wonders of decoupage! (Oh, and you can also make your own Mod Podge.)

How about a cross stitch all about the awesomeness of superheroines? Wee Little Stitches has you covered. Or if that seems like too much work (or like it’ll take too long because you want to make a gift for the comic book nerd in your life), how about a mini Batman cross stitch?

Another little simple idea- Avengers friendship bracelets. Make them yourself or buy some at the other end of the link.

If you’re a crocheter, you could make yourself a spiderman afghan, for super-spidey-sense-snuggling.

You could also make your very own Baby Groot (Guardians of the Galaxy, totally relevant here) thanks to Twinkie Chan. Or you could go to Mashable and make an actual dancing Baby Groot.

I’m not gonna lie, this DIY jet pack made with plastic drink bottles and felt is for kids, but I would totally make myself one and pretend to be the Rocketeer. Or you could add some wings and suddenly you’re in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

I’d totally make myself one of these Batmobiles too, but it’d be way too small for me. But such a clever idea for giving an old toy car a new lease of life!

So tell me, which of these tickles your fancy? Have you found a great comic book-inspired project you want to share, or made one? Let me know in the comments!