Gratitude-sday: Warning, contains sap

A day late because it was Labour Weekend here in NZ, which meant time AFK.

(Speaking of AFK, you should totally consider backing their Kickstarter to make a webseries. First gratitude point- seeing the pilot of the show at Armageddon over the weekend. You can watch the trailer here. It even includes a small cameo by the Best Beloved, who’s an extra in the pilot. SO proud.)


We had a crafternoon on Monday at my place organised by my flatmate, and it was lovely. We were all, I think, exhausted from the weekend so just sitting quietly making stuff was a good change of pace. One Christmas gift is well under way, which is good because I have more to make. Going to need a few frames for gifts this year, but that’s all I’m telling you.

Helpful friends

I was volunteering on a stand at Armageddon promoting LARP at the weekend, including managing the stand on Friday. Due to an omnishambles of circumstances the people who were supposed to be helping with setup didn’t appear, so I was, and am, extremely grateful to the two friends who, at the last minute, volunteered their time both setting up the stand and enticing punters on Friday night. Couldn’t have done it without Team S.L.A.S.H (Super-Lastminute-Armageddon-Standrunning-Heroes)!

The Best Beloved

Yes, I know, he comes up every week. But this week he gets his own section, because once again he proved me wrong when I thought I couldn’t love him more. I warned you this post contained sap, didn’t I? He’s one of the biggest blessings in my life, and one I plan on holding on to.

The little things:

Steampunk Gentleman Rainbow Dash (HOW are there no photos of this most glorious of Cosplays?), Hustle Butter, Treat lip balm, Macarons 101 (yes, I’m going to try and bake them, and yes, it’s probably insane), and crazy shoes.

How about you?


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