What to do when you can’t knit or crochet?

So. I am having all kinds of funtimes at the moment owing to having got tennis elbow. I’m getting acupuncture treatments for it -my acupuncturist also does cupping on my arm- and last Monday she did my back and I look like I’ve been attacked by a kraken. If only Kate McKinnon as Jillian Holtzman was there to rescue me. I’m sure a nuclear laser would work on kraken tentacles as well as on ghosts… Where was I? Oh yes. The elbow.

It was getting better, and then it really wasn’t and I realised the reason it wasn’t getting any better was that I’ve been crocheting and knitting like a fiend the past couple of weeks and all the twisting of my arm was definitely. not. helping.

But what’s a yarn-aholic to do when she can’t actually knit or crochet? OK, not can’t. Shouldn’t. Well…

Sew granny squares together

Because mattress stitch is a revelation, y’all. And because when one is making a blanket, eventually one has to sew all the squares together.

Sew hexipuffs together

I have 285 of them. I counted. I probably ought to start joining them up so that when I finish the other 65 I have planned to knit, I’ll be well on my way to an actual complete Beekeepers Quilt.

Organise stash

In my case, organise projects into plastic baskets so I realise exactly how many projects I have on the go and that I probably shouldn’t start any new ones until I’ve finished at least a couple…

Plan new projects

Just because I probably shouldn’t start them doesn’t mean I can’t look at them. And download the patterns. And make sure I have the yarn.

In totally unrelated news I have a bunch of new yarn.

Shut up, I can stop any time I want to.

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